GRP simple style modern fiberglass flower container planter
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Round Fiberglass Planters

GRP simple style modern fiberglass flower container planter

Item No.: JSC206
Why choose JSC fiberglass planter?
1. 100% FRP fiberglass ecofriendly material.
2. Unique,modern design and functional.
3. Light-weight and hard wearing for 15 years.
4. UV protective,anti-corrosive to withstand any weather.
5. For indoor,outdoor use
Description Packing Details FRP Advantages
This plante have 2 sizes. The planter we using high-quality resin,glass fiber,imported gel coat and other composite made this stunning fiberglass planter. The fiberglass planter is totally handmade, the skilled worker use automobile putty polishing the surface many times, finally makes the fiberglass planter smooth. Fiberglass planters are stylish, lightweight, durable, anti-corrosion and won’t easy to fade, crack, warp, nor split during your gardening adventures. You don’t need take good care of it in daily use, the fiberglass planters are a care-free solution for both outdoor and indoor space.

Item no. JSC206
Brand JSC
Material 196# unsaturated polyester resins,glass fiber,automotive paint surface treatment
Finish Colored painting,Glossy, Semi-matte, matte, electroplating,imitation gold ,imitation copper or wood
Color White,black, green, red, yellow, blue can be customized.
Dimension JSC206A-H65cm×Φ45cm, JSC206B-H45cm×Φ60cm
Guarantee Two years
Delivery time 25 days

This fiberglass planter can be used in outside and inside. Such as shopping mall, shopping center, plaza, bar, airport, big office building, high grade villa, hotels,clubs and any where needs plant to decorate.
For each product , We will use EPE Foam,bubble bag inside and cardboard cartons outside to protect the goods well during the whole transportation. We can also provide the package carton with wooden frame to ensure the goods in perfect condition.
Compared with traditional planters made of metal, earthenware,wood, fiberglass planters have many good performance and advantages. From the artistic and functional aspects, the fiberglass flowerpot is the best choice for your commercial or residential sites. The core advantages of fiberglass pot are as follows.

1.Lightweight with high strength
Fiberglass planters are much lighter in weight than metal planters, but the strength can be compared with advanced alloy steel.
2. Diverse shape and colors
Fiberglass planters can be easily made diverse shapes and depending on the shape, the surface can make a different texture and color. The finish such as glossy, matte and semi-matte, imitation copper, imitation marble, imitation sandstone, gemstone, imitation wood, plating, gold and so on. We can do any colors as you like.

3.Good corrosion resistance
FRP fiberglass is a good anti-corrosive material, it can resist to the atmosphere, water and the general concentration of acid, alkali, salt and a variety of oils and solvents. The service life of fiberglass planter and seatings is up to 20 years.
4.Personalized customization
We can produce all kinds of fiberglass planters according to customers design requirements. The stunning fiberglass planters will become a focal point in your commercial or residential setting.
5.High Cost-Effective
Compared with the traditional flower pots made of earthenware,stone or wood, the fiberglass planters is cost-effective.  because fiberglass flowerpot not only can bring a more beautiful art experience, moreover it can use for many years and not easy to damage, rust . it also save the costs of replacement of planters.
6.Environmental protection
We use the national standard raw materials to make the fiberglass planters, which is Environmental protection,no pollution.